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Ian Boccio and the Spirit Messengers

ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival!, 1085 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

Check out for more information!


CSM - Kali Moon Sound Immersion

Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center, 3115 Roswell Rd, Suite 103, Marietta, GA

$25 door / $20 advance


Ian Boccio and the Spirit Messengers

Vista Yoga, 2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA

$20 door / $15 advance

Mantra Intensive

This foundational intensive is intended to familiarize students with the basic theory and practice of mantra yoga as a personal, spiritual path. The full intensive requires 12 hours to complete, divided into 4 sessions of three hours each. The sessions are usually spread out across three days, allowing for plenty of down time in between for students to integrate the energies they are working with. The structure of the sessions begins with the physical elements of mantra yoga, then progressing to the intellectual, the energetic and beyond. It is necessary for the intensive to occur in a specific order to allow the students to absorb both the information and the vibrations in the most logical manner. The full intensive of four sessions will provide everything that the student needs to have a functioning mantra practice.

The following is a general outline of the topics which will be covered in each session of the Level 1 Mantra Yoga Intensive:

Session 1. Mantras for Gaṇeśa and Sarasvatī, plus the Great Compassion Mantra. Techniques for using mālās (counting beads) and preparations for daily practice. Understanding deity vibrations and the nature of conscious energy. How to interact with deities on a personal level.

Session 2. Mantras for Lakṣmī, Durgā, and Śiva. Introduction to Sanskrit pronunciation.

Session 3. Lectures on the underlying theory behind mantra yoga, using information gained from texts of the yoga tradition as well as practical experience. Major topics include the nature of śakti (divine energy) and prāṇa (life force), a detailed examination of the cakra system and the relationship between that system and the Sanskrit language. Discussion and practice with bīja mantras (seed sounds) that encapsulate the basic vibrations of reality.

Session 4. Advanced topics in mantra yoga. Mantras for Green Tārā and Nārāyana, plus the Gāyatrī Mantra. How to develop a specific mantra sādhana to achieve a particular goal. The structure of deeper practices. Discussions about the students' personal practices with a Q & A session.

Bhakti Yoga Intensive

Join us for a deep dive into the energetic space of BHAKTI, the yogic practice of devotion and selfless service to the divine principle of unconditional LOVE!

In this 6 hour intensive, we will talk about the history of Bhakti Yoga, including its roots in the Bhagavad Gīta and the singing revolution initiated in India by Caitānya Mahāprabhu that gave birth to modern, global Bhakti culture. Along the way we will investigate Nārada's Bhakti Sūtras (one of the foundational texts on the Indian concept of devotion), experience the inspired poetry of Ādi Śankarācarya from the 9th century and Rabindranath Tagore from the 20th century, and participate in lots and lots of kīrtan!

Our journey will be based on the Pancabhāva Bhakti system that expresses the power of five different varieties of devotion: the divine as supreme being, the divine as master, the divine as friend, the divine as child, and finally the divine as lover. Within each of the bhāvas we will connect to different deities through chants, stories and sacred ceremonies.

Chants for Awakening