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Ian Boccio and the Spirit Messengers

ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival!, 1085 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

Check out for more information!


CSM - Kali Moon Sound Immersion

Stillness Yoga and Meditation Center, 3115 Roswell Rd, Suite 103, Marietta, GA

$25 door / $20 advance


Ian Boccio and the Spirit Messengers

Vista Yoga, 2836 Lavista Rd, Decatur, GA

$20 door / $15 advance


Here you can find descriptions of the various projects I've been a part of since I began my spiritual journey. Most of these albums are still available to purchase online at iTunes, Amazon, etc., and you can find them on Apple Music and Spotify for streaming as well. Artists like myself are treated the best by Bandcamp, and I highly recommend purchasing music through that site. Links to Bandcamp pages are provided below.

Blue Spirit Wheel

Founded in 2012, Blue Spirit Wheel initiated a progressive evolution in the world of mantra music, using the fundamental rhythms contained within the Sanskrit language, solid bass grooves, tribal drum beats and an improvisational singing style to create soundscapes that draw the listeners into a deep state of consciousness expansion. Blue Spirit Wheel toured for several years through most of the continental US, and has performed at many well-known music festivals. I composed most of the music and produced/engineered all of these tracks in my studio.


 Trīdevī - 2018: Ian Boccio (voice, bass guitar, drums), Stephanie Kohler (voice, harmonium), Ben Farmer (guitar), Stan Holt (percussion).

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Planetary Alignment - 2016: Ian Boccio (voice, percussion, synthesizers), Stephanie Kohler (voice), Alvin Young (guitar), Gershone Hendelberg (keyboards).

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Kailāsa - 2014: Ian Boccio (voice, bass guitar, percussion), Stephanie Kohler (voice, harmonium), Joey Dukes (drums), Gershone Hendelberg (keyboards), Mark Van Allen (pedal and lap steel guitars), Candace Keach (flute).

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Darkness To Light - 2013: Ian Boccio (voice, bass guitar, keyboards), Stephanie Kohler (voice, harmonium), Joey Dukes (drums, percussion), Jeffrey Lidke (tabla), Scott Pridgen (percussion).

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Ādi - 2012: Ian Boccio (voice, bass guitar), Stephanie Kohler (voice, harmonium), Jeffrey Lidke (voice, tabla).

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Bhakti Messenger