Some of the most enjoyable and important services I provide are modules for Yoga Teacher Training that are intended to familiarize future yoga teachers with subjects that I specialize in: Sanskrit pronunciation, mantra meditation, bhakti yoga, etc. I think that it makes a huge difference when upcoming generations of teachers have a chance to experience these practices which make up part of the much wider realm of yoga, beyond the asana, pranayama and Yoga Sutras lessons that are standard in most trainings. Each of the modules below can be taught as a 3 hour program, allowing for a comprehensive introduction that gives the students a foundation from which to continue their own research and practice.

YTT programs are billed at the standard rate for guest teachers: $100 per hour. If you would like to hire me to add one (or more!) of these modules into your YTT program, please contact me at, or (404) 401-0060.

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This module is the most often requested, since Yoga Alliance has specific requirements for learning correct pronunciation. We will learn how to say the letters of the Sanskrit alphabet exactly the way I was taught by Vyaas Houston from the American Sanskrit Institute, including tongue positions, aspirated consonants, and a few of the sandhi rules that yoga teachers will commonly encounter. We will practice our proper pronunciation by looking at and taking apart a variety of asana names, focusing on strategies for how the students can work out the pronunciations for themselves in the future. Beyond the practical aspects, we will spend a good amount of time talking about what Sanskrit is and why it is such an important foundation for all yoga practices.

This is a crash course version of my Mantra Intensive workshop, attempting to fit as much information and practice into three hours as possible. In this module, students learn what a mantra is and how the energy works to shift our relationships to the universe, within both the Vedic and Buddhist traditions. There will be practical instruction on how to use a mala to count mantra repetitions, as well as various ways to maximize the effectiveness of the meditation. Most importantly, we will learn a few simple mantras and practice each of them for a full 108 repetitions, to give the students a sense for how consciousness can be transformed through this meditation.

This module has become more popular recently and is probably the second most often requested. In this program we look at the nature of devotion and love from a yogic perspective, starting with the history of bhakti practice going back to the Bhagavad Gita and proceeding forwards in time to the contemporary, global bhakti community. Students will learn about and experience devotional chanting with musical accompaniment (kirtan), bhakti poetry (both ancient and modern), and participate in a puja (sacred ceremony dedicated to a particular deity).

In this module we take a deep dive into the nature of consciousness itself, to gain a greater understanding of those expanded sentient beings we call devas and devis in the Vedic Tradition, or buddhas and bodhisattvas in the Buddhist Tradition. We will also discuss the reality of the guru (enlightened teachers who are still embodied), with a frank discussion of both the good and bad history of people who have held this title. Emphasis will be on helping the students to understand their relationship to these expanded beings, using several different models that show how, rather than a hierarchical system of worship, yoga encourages a partnership of equals wherein the yoga practitioner understands themsleves to be identical with the deity or guru, and that separation is merely an illusory state we suffer from, for which yoga is the cure.

In this module we unpack the knowledge that the yoga tradition has collected about how the individual energy body is constructed. We will examine different types of energy (prana, nada and kundalini) and the various structures through which those energies flow (chakras and nadis). Through breathing, chanting and visualization practices we will experience the movements of energy and come to understand how yoga works with these energies to facilitate healing and consciousness expansion.

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